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Welcome to the apocalypse! All that remains of humanity is a tenacious little robot striving to resurrect its creators. Luckily it finds a place where it can do just that, but the robots it fixes tend to get a little emotional. Repair the robots, process the boxes, save humanity!

How to Play

Monitor the robots, if one starts acting funny with a speech bubble overhead, click and drag it to the repair center (crossed-tools image with force field). You can even throw them if you like, but they may scream a bit.

You can also click and drag healthy robots wherever you like: Bounce 'em off walls, throw them in fire, get them crushed, or do the right thing and put them closer to those boxes that'll save humanity (for whatever reason).

More boxes collected means more points and that much closer to resurrecting humanity. Enjoy the apocalypse, and have a nice day.

Developer Notes

This is an open alpha of the game, and we are looking for feedback on pacing and in-game player-feedback. Any other game-related suggestions are also welcome.

Install instructions

PC Use:

Unzip and run the .exe file.

Android Use:

Go to your phone's SECURITY settings and enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES option. This allows you to install our game from itch.io.

If copying the .apk from your computer: drag and drop the .apk into your downloads folder.

Then just click on the .apk to intall and run it.

Once Halt! Catch Fire! is installed, you can disable the UNKNOWN SOURCES option.



HaltCatchFire.zip (21 MB)
HaltCatchFire.apk (29 MB)

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